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Dawnblaze is a Wiccan Coven in Northwestern Connecticut .  Our work is healing, ritual, activism and education.  Part of what we do is the Images Anthology.    

Dawnblaze is a Wiccan Coven in Northwestern Connecticut.  We are a coven dedicated to teaching, healing (magical and Reiki), ritual, activism ...essentially, everything we're capable of doing at any given time.   Our coven is affiliated with The Covenant of the Goddess and we participate in The Weavers local council.

SPECIAL NOTICE !!! Due to a very pernicious virus we lost our system including all inquiry e-mails.  Please rewrite us that we may respond to your requests. -Dawnblaze

Our observances are held on the full moon (thirteen time a year) and occasionally the dark of the moon.  We also celebrate the "Wheel of the Year" 

Samhain, October 31 -- November Eve
This is the Wiccan "New Year" celebration.  We spend the night in dance and song around the fire.  This is one of two times in the year when the boundaries between the worlds are the thinnest.  Spirits freely pass in both directions bringing about stories of otherworldly contact.  

At this time we give honor to the Gods and to those who have passed the veil during the previous year.  We also give honor to our departed loved ones and invite them to celebrate the turning of the year with us. 

Yule, December 21 -- Winter Solstice
This is the  Festival of Light.  At this time we celebrate the rebirth of the God (in His form as the Sun). With this birth we know that once again the days will grow longer and the Sun will return life once more to the world.  

We celebrate with the Yule Log, the decorated tree (representing the World Tree), feast and fellowship.

Imbolc (Oimelc), February
This is the traditional lambing season.  At this time we revere the Goddess in Her form as Brigid, the Goddess of creativity, rebirth, fire and inspiration. Her fire purifies and heals.  Gazing into Her flames we receive visions and insights.

Ostara, March 21 -- Vernal Equinox
At this time of year the day and night are of equal length.  Wiccans serve balance and the year is at one of the two balance points on this day.   At Ostara we revere the Goddess Ostara or Eostre, the bringer of new life. Her symbols are the rabbit for her proliferation and the egg from which new life springs out of seeming nothingness. 

Beltaine, April 30 -- May Eve 
The world is turning green once more and Witches dance naked round the Maypole.  The may pole is a symbol of the God's regenerative power and we bind that energy into the world with our dance and the colorful ribbons we wrap around the poll.  Beltaine means "Bel's Fires".   Couples jump the fire for luck and blessing.  This is the other poll on the axis of the year and is a time when the walls between the worlds are thin and passable. 

Litha or Midsummer, June 21 -- Summer Solstice 
This is the longest day of the year. Life is preeminent and warmth and plenty abound.  We celebrate round the Litha bonfire knowing that the Goddess loves Her children and smiles upon us.  At this time we also celebrate the sacred marriage of the Goddess and God. 

Lughnasadh or Lammas, July 31 -- August Eve
We honor the God is His form as the Solar God Lugh. Lugh brings us the benefits of culture and civilization.  This is a celebration of the arts, skill and knowledge.  This is also Lammas, the Anglo-Saxon "Feast of Bread".  The first of the harvest comes at this time and we give thanks for the many lives of plants and animals which are sacrificed for our survival.  At this time we enjoy the grain in all its forms, bread, staple dishes and beer.

Mabon, September 21 -- Autumnal Equinox
The great harvest festival. Again light and dark in balance. before the descent to the dark times. We thank the Goddess for giving us sustenance to see us through the coming winter. This is the Pagan "Thanksgiving" and we celebrate it as our ancesters have for thousands of years, in feast and celebration.

This brings us back to Samhain, the beginning and ending of each turn of the wheel of life. 

We worship the Goddess and the God in all their forms and believe in the sanctity of all life.  Wicca is a nature based religion.  As Wiccans we believe that we have a responsibility to protect the life, liberty and health of all of our fellow beings. 

Dawnblaze is also dedicated to preserving the Goddess given rights of all Gaia's creatures. The path isn't an easy one.  We have all slipped further than we know.  Are you willing to follow the path?


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If you are interested in meeting us, looking for a teacher or want to know more about Wicca we can be reached here  Dawnblaze Coven .

For more information on C.O.G. The Covenant of the Goddess



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