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Wiccan and Pagan Sites


Arn Driacht Fien
Those of us who cannot pronounce it say (Android Fang) Neo-Druids. An organization following the basic tenants of druidry, also the opportunity for classes and serious study.

College Pagans
If you have questions about College pagan life.

Association of Smith PagansUUSE CUUPS
This is the Smith College Pagan Student organization located in Northampton, MA.

Covenant of the Goddess  
COG , Correspondence Officer
P.O. Box 1226
Berkely, CA  94701  USA

Earth Spirit Community 
P.O. Box 723
Williamsburg, MA  01096

Connecticut Wiccan & Pagan Network
C/O Avalon
9 North Main St.
So Norwalk, CT 06854
203-838-5928 or 203-838-3392

Orphan Pagan Society
Contact Persons: Mike and Lance
Telephone: 203-932-6203

Pagan Community Church
P.O.Box 5622
Bridgeport, CT 06610

The Pagan Organization for Diverse Spirituality
UConn Pagan student organization

Weavers Local Council
Sherron Stawiarz
4 Circle Drive
Monson, MA 01057

Covens and Groups:


Circle of the Blessed Cauldron
New London CT

Circle of the Blue Flame
New London, CT
J.Broomhalle 860-443-1666 evenings


Circle Haven Study Group
New Britain, CT

Circle of Light
P.O.Box 244
Voluntown, CT 06384

CWPN Gay Men's Study Group
Stamford, CT


P.O. Box 49
Pine Meadow, CT  06061
E-mail: Dawnblaze

Dragon Mountain Grove - TDB
112 Merrill St.
Hartford, CT 06106
John Moore

Fanscifiaroan Church of Wicca
P.O.Box 145
Marion, CT 06444


Lady of the Brook/ New Wiccan Church
P.O.Box 11
Plainfield, CT 06374


Moonlight Circle
Danbury, CT

Myristan Circle of Chiaroscuro
61 So Main St.
So Norwalk, CT 06854

The Hermetic Order of Thricegreatest Hermes  (THOTH)
Oakville, CT

Ouroborous Isis Gnosis (ObIG)
New Haven, CT

The Pagan Community Church
Bridgeport, CT

Ravynswoode Grove
200 Elm St., #323
West Haven, CT 06516

Shadowpath Grove
P.O.Box 122
North Windham, CT 06256


Slavic Study Group - Chiaroscuro
c/o Avalon
9 North Main St.
South Norwalk, CT 06854

Step Child Coven
E-Mail: stepchild


Temple of Bast - Chiaroscuro
New Milford, CT
E-Mail: Jasmine

Thistledown Coven
Box 1153
Carmel, NY 10512

Twilight Circle of Chiaroscuro
Milford, CT 06460
Brian or Cori

Twilight Fire
P.O.Box 115
Hartford, CT 06141


Two Raven's Kindred
Milford, CT

Unitarian Society of New Haven-CUUPS
700 Hartford Tpke.
Hamden, CT 06517-2214

Unitarian Universalist Society-East
153 West Vernon St
Manchester, CT 06040
email contact:


Pioneer Valley Pagan Association
Western Massacusetts Pagan Networking group.


Society of Elder Faiths
Legal Pagan church founded by five Wiccan covens; Boston based, but holds some gatherings in Western Massachusetts. 

Organizations and Networking

A little Wiccan Hearth  

Acacia's Pagan Page  

Amber's Mystical Wiccan World: Awesome Wiccan site, great for beginners

Ask Hagatha
A group of experienced Witches answer questions and provide insight.

Avatar Search - "The Search Engine of the Occult Internet"

Beaufort House
English Traditional Witchcraft.  Historical information, focusing mainly on matters  of Gardnerian practice. 

Catalyst's Point
Funny and insightful Wiccan essays. 

Chariot's Wheels  

Christian tolerance Links

Connecticut Wiccan and Pagan Resource Pages

Copper's Cove
Original essays, advice for beginners, and a mailing list that you can join.

Connecticut Pagan Online Mailing List

Crescent Moon Society
Student Pagan organization at Westfield State College, Westfield, MA..

CWPN events calendar

CYMRY Witchcraft homepage  

The Door Opener's
Wiccan Resource Listing

Drahcir's Shadow  

Earth Religions Assistance Legal Network
ERALN works to support the religious freedom of Earth
Religions entangled in legal problems around North America.

Egypt, The MythologyUUSE CUUPS
Complete collection of ancient Egyptian myths. 

Epona's Celtic World
Epona has created a site on Paganism and Celtic interests.

Faery Wicca
A great contact point for Faery Wicca.

Gods, Goddesses & Myths
Celtic myths & Arthurian legends.

The Hag's Bed

Hectates World  

Idunnas Grove

JaiLynn's Homepage  

Joan's Witch Directory: The European Witch Trials
Scholarly site featuring a good collection of original and source materials on the Burning Times. 

The John Prine Homepage

The Maine Pagan Resource Page
Listings of events and gatherings in New England.

Southwest Massachusetts Pagan Homepage  

Military Pagan Network
Serving the networking needs of the military Pagan community.  They  educate and support those that are faced with harassment or discrimination and provide resources when moving to new areas.

Moonblossom's Homepage

Moonshadow Institute
P.O.Box 119
Oneco, CT 06373

Morgans Secret Garden  

Myths & Legends
A giant links page to more mythology & folklore pages then you could explore in a lifetime - You CAN find it here!

Northwestern Conn. & Mass. Events Calendar

NYC Pagan Resource Guide
New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Pagan Federation
"The Pagan Federation, founded in 1971, works to make Paganism accessible to people genuinely seeking a nature-based spiritual path."

Pagan Ireland
 Really from the Emerald Isle and with great links too.

Pagans Online - Northeast Calendar of Events

Pagan Profiles
Actually, an international assortment of Pagan contacts, but extraordinarily well-sorted geographically.  Search the database by state.  Over 3,000 listings; over 100,000 searches to date. 

Pagan Best Of The Web 
The most venerable  Pagan award site on the web. They take nominations from visitors for their awards.

Pagan Federation

Pagan Jokes Page
This page contains a tremendous collection of Pagan jokes.  Be ready to be offended and amused.

Pagan Moots 

Pete's Helpful Pagan Site
Lists contacts and events in New York, New Jersy and Connecticut. Regulary updated. 

Poetry of Shadows  

Protean Tradition Page
A site produced by ex-Gardnerians.  Very informative.

Red Wita's Pagan Page  

Religions Scholars Network
Nature Religions Scholars Listserve
email contact:
Nightsong  ,.clifton@uscolo.edu

The Ring of Troth
European Asatru site.

Roman Forum  Forum Romanum
Educational site on all things Roman.

Stone Pages
This is the most complete guide to European megaliths and archeological sites.

The Tranquil Moon  

The Troth
Official Asatru Website.  Links to Heathen and Heathen friendly sources.

Weaving the Web...Pagan Contacts: Connecticut

Whispering Stones Pagan Community: Connecticut

The Witches League for Public Awareness
The Salem based organization founded by Laurie Cabot.

The Witches' Voice
The single best site on Wiccan and Pagan life on the World Wide Web. 


The Witches’ Voice White Pages
Printable versions of legal reference documents and form letters. 

The Witches Voice Pagan links on the Web.

Witches of the World 
Connecticut Page.
Email the Witches' VoiceWebmaster

The Witches' Voice Web Pages for Finding Help

The Witches’ Voice Child Custody/Divorce Related Websites

The Witches’ Voice: Pagan Divorce—Child Custody Page


Wren’s Nest
Updates on discrimination, legislative alerts and activism on Pagan issues around the world.

University of Massachusetts Pagan Student Organization in Amherst, MA

What Wicca is and is Not
Get the FAQs.


Magazines and other publications:


Enchante: The Journal for the Urbane Paga

Horns and Crescent Newsletter  

Mystic For Hire


Old Ways  

PagaNet News

The Pomegranate.

White Dragon  

Wren’s Nest  

Griffin Grove Inn - A Pagan B&B in Northern Vermont.

Nine Mountain Retreats - Retreat and workshop space with particularly good cuisine.  Pagan friendly.

Touchstone Farm and Retreat Center - Yoga, sacred circle dance, organic farming apprenticeships, celebration of Pagan Sabbats, and retreat space rentals.


TeenWitch Links

Copper's Cove
A very creative and entertaining site.   A mailing list that visitors can join.

Fellowship of the Earth - Resources for Teens
Catala SilverMoon ‘s answer to the legal problems that can come up for an adult who corresponds with underaged Pagan seekers was to create this site: an experienced adult Witch’s best advice to Teen Pagans.

Ice Maiden's Cavern
Info on magick, meditation, spells, auras, familiars, etc., and there are lessons on Wicca, E-Pals, Pagan post cards, links to cool sites.  You have to be a teenager to join the webring.

 Sequana’s Realm
Has an online Book of Shadows, meditations, and lots of basic info from a Teen Pagan’s personal point of view.

Teen Pagans Online
Online teen Pagan meeting places.  Poems, essays, a mailing list and chat available, as well as some good information on Paganism and the Craft.  All of it by teens, for teens.

The Teen Wiccan Page
An individual web page, quite personal in tone. Environmental ideas, reading lists, links, and one especially relevant essay, "How do I tell my parents"?

Teen Wiccan Page
The two teen authors of this site give special consideration to the limited budgets of teens.  There is a whole section on inexpensive substitutes for hard-to-get tools for Wiccan practice, as well as essays, pen pals and a chat room.

The Witches’ Voice Teen Witches Pages
A vast collection of articles and resources relevant to teen and young Pagans. Strongly recommended.



An amazing collection of info for teens on Witchcraft and Wicca.  You have to see it to believe it.

Yahoo! Clubs: New Moon Groves
A chat room and bulletin board serving 184 members.  restricted to persons under 21.  A good resource for isolated teens and young Wiccans looking to network.



Apple Valley Books
37 Main Street.
Winthrop, Maine, 04364

Advanced Book Exchangeooks
4415 Dunedin St.
Victoria, BC,  Canada  VST 5G8

Abyss/Azure Green
AzureGreen, PO Box 48

9 North Main St.
So. Norwalk, CT 06854

The Cosmic Cat
30 Front St
Putnam, CT 06260
e-mail: fyrewitch@aol.com

Crystal Wand Holistic Care
Eagle Plaza
481 Wolcott St.
Waterbury, CT 06705

Curious Goods
415 Campbell Ave.
West Haven, CT 06516

546 Main St.
Torrington, CT  06790
(860) 489-9669

Gaian Goods
222 Bradely Ave Bldg 8, Unit 8B
Waterbury, CT

The Goddess Shoppe
707 Main St.
Manchester, CT 06040

The JBL Web Page
Statues of Pagan deities, books, t-shirts, and Pagan gifts! A portion of the profits go to worthy causes around the world.

Knight People
228 William St.
Middletown, CT 06457

Llewellyn Books

The Magick Candle
P.O.Box 3
Killingly, CT 06243

The Magik Mirror
321 Boston Post Rd
Milford, CT 06460
e:mail: Beverly

Mysterious Wonders
25 Park Street
Route 8
Adams, Massachusetts 01220
(413) 743-9176
Retail store with online catalog.

Purple Moon
67 Lake Ave.
Danbury, CT 06810

The Space-Crime Continuum
92 King Street
Northampton, MA 01060 Phone toll-free 1-888-844-8924 (That's 1-888-UGG-TWAG!)

Woman Of Wands BYN
P.O. Box 330
South Lee, MA, 01260-0330 67
or visit at 1385 Pleasant St. (Rt 102), South Lee, Ma.




American Indian Herbalism Links

An Herbal
A site dedicated exclusively to herbs.

The International Center for Reiki Training

Medical Herbalism


Webrings and Networking



Pagan Causes and Education

The Burning Times Remembered.

The Creation of Unity City for ALL PAGANS


For news and views on social sciences, religion, feminism, animal rights, gay-lesbian, philosophy, politics (Right Wing Watch), art and literature, green news and wicked humor.



A strong site for solid information.



Other Useful Links:

Bi-lingual (Irish/English) site

The EcoMall

Mr. Lee's Earthquake Prediction Page.  Prof. Lee's earthquake prediction page.  He uses the mythology and craft of the ancient Hawaiian Kahunna to predict quakes with surprising accuracy.  Pele still rules supreme.


Frodo's Mermaid Haus
Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about Mermaids.  Great site for the kids too.

  The Hunger Site 

Native American Smudge Stix

PETA-People for the ethical treatment of animals  

Phases of the Moon



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