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Images of the God


  • Finding the God Within Me, Mariani Dawnstar.

  • Suntalk, Christopher Hatton.

  • The Charge of the God, Rita Prince Winston.

  • Baldur's Dreams, Jan Henning.

  • The God's Song, Sally Eaton.

  • How I Found Zeus, and Who I Found, Brightshadow.

  • Beltane Ritual, Rita Prince Winston.

  • The Cloud Sculptors, Jeff Bordeaux.

  • The Witches' God Reviewed, Jehanna Silverwing.

  • Song for Hermes, Black lotus.

  • The Horned God and Being Human, Connections in Humanistic Psychology, Tom Rue.

  • Untitled Poem, Sally Eaton.

  • The Little Known Son of Aphrodite (A Phallacy), Benoit Bawles.

  • Elysin Dreams - Elysian Nightmares, Childe Rominy.

  • The Charge of the Dark God, Christopher Hatton.

  • Midsummer Sabbat Ritual, Rita Prince Winston.

  • God the Lover: Woman, the Goddess and the Young God, Jan Henning.

  • In White Wolf's Eyes, Manx.

  • Gods ( an epilogue ), Tosana.

  • To the God, Ann R. Thryft.

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Brian Gilman (c) 1991

Articles and pictures were first published in "Images of the God" 1990, and are reprinted here with permission of the writers and artists who produced them.

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