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To us hallows or Samhain is one of the two most sacred celebrations of the Pagan year. As with all times between, this one which is between summer and winter, is a special and magical time. The walls between the worlds, all of the worlds, especially those between this world and the the one that follows death are weak and can be easily passed through. There are many old tails and new of spirits, strange beasts and haunts which roam the land of the living on Samhain eve. 

At this time we believe that the souls of our departed loved ones return to visit and we welcome them and rejoice in their coming. 

They weren't terrifying in life so why should they be terrifying now?

This doesn't sound right. What about all those things I've heard about Witches and Halloween?

Here's some answers:

Yes, we dance around the bonfire. We only dance naked in warm climates.

No, we don't fly on brooms. Airplanes are much more comfortable. 

Yes, we perform magic, but if you came to one of our circles you would see that it seems very much like what others call praying.

No, we are not "worshiping the devil", as some might tell you. He is a Christian heresy and has no place in Paganism.

What about "EVIL?"

We believe that the world was created as a place of balance and harmony. We don't believe in an anti-God. We don't need to. Why is there a need for an evil being? We do a good enough job ourselves. 

Humans invented evil. 

 We don't worship a God of death either.

Try this site if you insist on believing there is a Pagan God of death. All those televangelists can't be wrong, can they?


Have a happy Halloween.



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